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Frequently Asked Questions

What does acupuncture treat? The short answer is, people (although acupuncture is also quite effective with animals). Acupuncture is a holistic health system that helps regulate both internal and musculoskeletal body areas. Acupuncture is used regularly to treat pain, headaches, insomnia, menstrual issues, fertility, fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, and many other common ailments.

Does it hurt? Acupuncture needles are extremely small and most people only feel a slight pinch at insertion or nothing at all. 

What can be addressed in a Telehealth visit? Telehealth visits can be used to organize an at home plan for optimal heath. This can include a personalized supplement protocol, mental and physical exercises to improve patient outcome, food and dietary suggestions, and herbal formulas to reduce many acute symptoms.

What is the cost of treatment?

Initial 90 minute appointment is $180

Follow up 60 minute appointments are $85.

Stress relief 30 minute classes are $20. 

Individual Telehealth 30 minute sessions are $60. 60 minute sessions are $120.

How can I make an appointment? Please call the office at (717) 341-7221 for New Patient appointments or utilize our online scheduling feature if you are a returning patient.

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