Acupuncture is the act of inserting thin flexible needles into specific points in the body that correspond to particular conditions of the patient.


Moxabustion is the burning of an herb, Ai Ye (mugwort) on or near the body to warm the area of the body.


Tuina is a version of medical massage that is used to relax muscles and align the bones.


Cupping is a technique that employs use of a gentle suction, usually with a smooth edged glass cup to loosen muscles.


Gua sha is a gentle scraping of the skin to open the pores used to regulate the skin and muscles of the body.


Linaments are used to treat from the skin. They are especially useful in treating musculoskeletal problems.


Dietary Therapy uses TCM theory to balance the body from food and drink one consumes.


Qi Gong is a form of internal martial art that complements the other aspects of TCM.