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Kirby Acupuncture offers a variety of treatment options.

Acupuncture treatments for ailments such as body pain, headaches,  insomnia, menstrual issues, anxiety, digestive disorders, fertility.

        Initial 90 minute treatment          $180

        Follow up 60 minute treatments    $85

Stress relief in person acupuncture. Treatment specifically designed for stress relief.

        60 minute treatment    $85

Telehealth stress reduction class. A half hour class developed to incorporate easy at home stress reduction techniques to your every day routine.

      30 minute group class online.  $20 per participant

Individual Telehealth sessions. Half hour private sessions with our acupuncturist online from your home. Sessions can cover a variety of topics from stress reduction to dietary therapy.

      30 minute individual session      $60

      60 minute individual session.     $120




All treatment fees are due at time of service. Our office is not in network with any insurance companies at this time. If you have benefits through your insurance we are happy to provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.


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