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Kirby Acupuncture offers a variety of treatment options.

Acupuncture treatments for ailments such as body pain, headaches,  insomnia, menstrual issues, anxiety, digestive disorders, fertility.

        Initial 90 minute treatment          $180

        Follow up 60 minute treatments    $85

Stress relief in person acupuncture. Treatment specifically designed for stress relief.

        60 minute treatment    $80

Telehealth stress reduction class. A half hour class developed to incorporate easy at home stress reduction techniques to your every day routine.

      30 minute group class online.  $20 per participant

Individual Telehealth sessions. Half hour private sessions with our acupuncturist online from your home. Sessions can cover a variety of topics from stress reduction to dietary therapy.

      30 minute individual session      $60

      60 minute individual session.     $120


Call the office today to schedule your preferred treatment.


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